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The Quay surprise

7 Jan

Okay, before you think that Quay sprung some amazing surprise on me (I WISH), Quay was actually  the surprise. Some time ago, it was the Sister’s birthday (whose age I will not disclose as it goes with all women’s ages), and she had just arrived in Sydney to do a postgraduate course. I admit, it was with a slight ulterior motive that I chose Quay, but I assumed the desire would be mutual, and booked a lunch for two. The Sister had no idea. But she did venture the guess..

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Thank you, Tetsuya

5 Aug

‘… Oh, and, book Tetsuya’s.”

I broke into a big smile, and proceeded. Just a couple or so weeks before the Family were due to arrive, and I secured a table for 6 at Tetsuya Wakuda’s 3-Hat restaurant.

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Taste of Sydney 2010

23 Apr

Okay I know this is super delayed, but hey, after reading everybody else’s experience there, I can help you revisit…!

*Note: Pictures were taken by my DSLR for the first time, so it shows. Plus it was at night when I went and they were in JPEG, so I couldn’t save them very well…

To be honest, I didn’t know about this event till a friend called me up one day and offered me 2 tickets for it (shame, he couldn’t make it). A food festival of sorts? That’s it, that’s all I needed to know, feel free to pass me those tickets, please and thank you!

Taste of Sydney brings together the chefs of top restaurants in Sydney, offering 3 signature dishes from their restaurants, at an entree size. There are also products from the area and beyond showcased at the event grounds itself, plus some special sessions, the private dining sessions with a top well-known chef, like Matt Moran.

You might be amused to know that my companion for Taste of Sydney, SSM (Seemingly Small Mouth – it looks small but you can pack a lot in apparently), and I, got lost – Well, really we SOMEHOW thought that it would be in Hyde Park (it was our lazy brains who just didn’t want to think food would be that far away). But anyway, we got there eventually.

The walk into the actual event grounds worked up our appetite, and I was immediately overwhelmed by the stores selling produce, giving out samples, some other random tents which were apparently for the private dining sessions (missed out on those because of my oblivity), and all I could think about was, “WHERE’S THE FOOD!!!???!”

Got a map, sorted.

It took quite a while for SSM and I to decide on what to eat. We snacked on Nando’s chicken, fresh of the grill pan and dripping with juices and yummy marinade (Made me sing. Almost, thankfully for the public). We decided to start with the ‘entrees’ that appealed to us on the menu and would work our way through ‘mains’, then desserts. And so, the blissful damage begins…

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Tom N Toms, Singapore

9 Apr

14 Scotts Road, #01-07A Far East Plaza (1 more in ICON Village)
Sun–Thu: 8am – 10.30pm
Fri–Sat: 8.30am – 11pm

It was sometime late last year when I finally noticed this cafe, despite it’s ridiculous proximity to my place in Sydney. And it has since become my almost-daily haunt to meet friends and to serve as my study hole.

So imagine how thrilled I was when the Princess told me that there was a branch in Singapore! We quickly arranged to meet to check it out, and possibly relive our Sydney days of the semester just past. (Hm I sound like we left Sydney long ago and are not returning hahaha)

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High tea at Regent Hotel, Singapore

28 Mar

Before I returned home to Singapore for the summer holidays, my mom promised to take me to several places where they had enjoyed good eats, photos of which I have only seen from my sister’s uploads. It wasn’t till I was due to return to Sydney soon, that we finally took the time to have high tea on the weekend in between lunch and dinner service at the restaurant.

It was everyone’s first time to Regent Hotel’s high tea. To be honest I was more taken with the sweets, as you can see from the pictures I took. Tho I must mention that the chef’s slow-cooked salmon with a berry sauce and dill yogurt was quite something. In fact the texture of the fish reminded me of Tetsuya’s signature ocean trout…

The cappuccino was alright but the foam was almost too stiff. Their tea selection was rather interesting though, with my mom, sister, and cousin all choosing different teas of floral and fruit blends. I tried almost every dessert there was available.

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Miso Japanese Restaurant, Sydney

15 Dec

Miso Japanese Restaurant
Shop 20, World Square

Sydney City
Tel: (02) 9283-9686
Monday to Friday (Lunch ) : 11:45 – 14:30
Monday to Saturday (Dinner) : 17:30 – 21:30

My friends were talking about this Japanese place in World Square, and went to try it out for themselves while I was busy. They went back the next day, and I wondered, was it that good? I was pretty happy with the places I already knew, but I was interested. I haven’t seen the place or really heard of the place yet, but I knew it was from the same people who gave us Makoto (which I LOVE, unfortunately – pocket problems) and Musashi (which I heard about but never tried), the Masuya Group. I admit, the association was a real big push in getting me to commit to trying it out.

The first attempt was disappointing, realising they did not serve lunch on the weekends and even dinner on Sundays. I’m not in full understanding of this, WK suggested it could be due to the working crowd? Probably. So bare in mind the opening times!

We finally made it the day Princess and WK left to go back to Singapore, and I went for the Miso Katsu Set, which seemed like a specialty to me, and probably is.

* taken with iPhone

I was pleased when the it came with the miso paste came separately instead of on top of the katsu as seen in the menu pictures, because it meant you are able to fully enjoy the crispiness of the katsu, and have the option of tasting the true flavour and quality of the pork. Free-range, and from Otway Park, Victoria. — Hm does that mean Victoria has better pigs than New South Wales..??  Anyway, good battering + bread crumbing + frying at the right temperature and length of time = delightfully crispy! :]

After that good first experience, I was dying to try the other thing on the menu I was eyeing along with the miso katsu. And that was the Eel and Eel Don. (Forgot to take a photo then, was too hungry!)

You would think, ‘Just name it the usual ‘Unagi Don’..’ but it’s not really like the usual unagi don.To distinguish it, probably, one piece is grilled with the sweet soy sauce, but another piece is simply grilled. So it offers 2 tastes. Which I personally enjoyed more. I am a big fan of unagi don, but it was nice to eat the simple grilled version, without the aid of the sweet soy sauce, so I could taste the lovely flavour of the eel itself. I truly enjoyed it; so tender it practically melts away in your tongue, so full of flavour, with the slightly chewy skin and plump flesh (it must have been a meaty eel!).. to alternate between 2 great tastes of the same eel, was right up my alley. Oh man, I’m craving again… :S

3rd visit: I had the Sesaragi Don, which consisted of assorted sashimi marinated with grated horseradish & soy mirin egg yolk sauce. I don’t eat wasabi and generally avoid it (don’t be too surprised just because I eat superly spicy Korean food – it’s just different!), so hence I wasn’t sure about the horseradish sauce. But the company I had suggested I try it since it was the sauce that seemed interesting to try.

Let’s just say, I’m still not the biggest fan of wasabi.

The sashimi was not bad, and despite my personal preferences, the sauce was alright. But the portion served was lacking, I would think, especially for someone who might love their wasabi, ie. my dad.

I was still craving to try the curry at Miso so by the time it came for BFAM’s virgin visit to Miso, my chance had come. I had previously heard it was different to the usual curries, and when I asked how so, I got the annoyingly vague response of “It’s just.. different.” . Helpful……. Well nothing like trying it yourself!

Katsu Curry

Chunks of pork loin skewered with onion, battered, crumbed, and deep-fried. Served with pickles, rice, and a tasty, thick, slightly sweet-ish curry. My friend was right. It was… different. In a good way, because I did like it! The katsu was more the highlight for me than the curry though, again a personal preference. I loved how different it tasted because it felt different and stands out from the rest, something special. But it didn’t make me go like, WOW, as when I had the curry from Menya (Will talk more about it sometime later). Still, I ate more than I should have, as I do with curries, yummy ones at that, much to the amusement of BFAM. -.-

He, on the other hand, settled on a bento set he had his eyes on for a while now.

Hokkaido Bento Set

There were so many things to try on his set but I had some of the skewered tofu, which was not bad, but having it cold, was not the most pleasurable experience. Blame it on the anal-retentive with his new DSLR baby, who turns out to truly be like my sister, and have the food cold by the time the photo-taking is over. geez.

Karaage on the side.

It was yummy, but again, not knowing if it sat for too long, because it was soggy on the underside, with a slight crunch on the top. Yummy, but no wow-factor for me.

So. Miso. 4 times. 3 weeks. I must be mad, but for the mid-range Japanese restaurant, I think it’s worth it, for the quality. I’ll definitely be back to try more dishes!