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The Quay surprise

7 Jan

Okay, before you think that Quay sprung some amazing surprise on me (I WISH), Quay was actually  the surprise. Some time ago, it was the Sister’s birthday (whose age I will not disclose as it goes with all women’s ages), and she had just arrived in Sydney to do a postgraduate course. I admit, it was with a slight ulterior motive that I chose Quay, but I assumed the desire would be mutual, and booked a lunch for two. The Sister had no idea. But she did venture the guess..

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Chikin Ramen

21 Dec


I can hear the outcry, as I post about instant noodles. As a believer and supporter of eating fresh produce, I am a foodie with my own dark secrets. I would like to think I’m not the only one. But yes, curse me all you want, purists, but yes! I LOVE INSTANT NOODLES.

I have my favourites, and for different occasions (Korean ones for my special ramen hotpot, my usual ‘Little Boy’ brand ones otherwise). But I was intrigued with this instant noodles that the Neighbour was utterly obsessed with, so much so that she brought back to Sydney almost half a suitcase worth from Singapore, and requested even more from a cousin who followed her 2 weeks later. What is the magic?

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Thank you, Tetsuya

5 Aug

‘… Oh, and, book Tetsuya’s.”

I broke into a big smile, and proceeded. Just a couple or so weeks before the Family were due to arrive, and I secured a table for 6 at Tetsuya Wakuda’s 3-Hat restaurant.

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Tastes like home: Linda’s Home Kitchen

7 Jun

The Family, for as long as I can remember, have always spoken about opening a restaurant. Many would hold their ground and affirm that their own mothers were the best cooks in the world, and I am no exception. It has always been a family dream to put The Mother’s food out there, and last September, we finally made the dream into reality: Linda’s Home Kitchen was born.

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Doing it for the environment: Greenhouse, Perth

30 Apr

I’ve been meaning to go over to Perth for ages now, and several people ask me why. I have quite a few friends there, and as it was about 8 or so years since I’ve last been, I thought it’d be nice to do a visit, my way.

The Sister, who studied in Perth (and the reason why I visited at all those years back anyway), was thinking of returning for a visit herself, so we just ended up planning it together. A sisters’ get-away of sorts, over the Easter weekend. She being a big foodie too, is always out on the prowl for new eats. She researches and also keeps fairly up-to-date with the food news, like new popular restaurants. So naturally, she had a plan of attack, and led the way.

The Greenhouse

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ATFT Food Photography Workshop @ MUMU Grill

27 Apr

As you can see from my previous photos, I haven’t exactly a great job of portraying how good they all were. I didn’t have a DSLR then, and to be honest, I didn’t want to purchase one. Couldn’t afford it and I didn’t want to stop using my film cameras due to over-reliance on a DSLR. But like serendipity, the Father pretty much dropped one on my lap. It seemed like I was almost meant to go down the path of food photography. And it wasn’t long before I was hooked on it.

Fiddled around with it for a bit but really did not know how to make pictures of food LOOK delectable. That’s why I barely hesitated and signed up for the food photography workshop with Billy from A Table for Two at MUMU Grill.

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Taste of Sydney 2010

23 Apr

Okay I know this is super delayed, but hey, after reading everybody else’s experience there, I can help you revisit…!

*Note: Pictures were taken by my DSLR for the first time, so it shows. Plus it was at night when I went and they were in JPEG, so I couldn’t save them very well…

To be honest, I didn’t know about this event till a friend called me up one day and offered me 2 tickets for it (shame, he couldn’t make it). A food festival of sorts? That’s it, that’s all I needed to know, feel free to pass me those tickets, please and thank you!

Taste of Sydney brings together the chefs of top restaurants in Sydney, offering 3 signature dishes from their restaurants, at an entree size. There are also products from the area and beyond showcased at the event grounds itself, plus some special sessions, the private dining sessions with a top well-known chef, like Matt Moran.

You might be amused to know that my companion for Taste of Sydney, SSM (Seemingly Small Mouth – it looks small but you can pack a lot in apparently), and I, got lost – Well, really we SOMEHOW thought that it would be in Hyde Park (it was our lazy brains who just didn’t want to think food would be that far away). But anyway, we got there eventually.

The walk into the actual event grounds worked up our appetite, and I was immediately overwhelmed by the stores selling produce, giving out samples, some other random tents which were apparently for the private dining sessions (missed out on those because of my oblivity), and all I could think about was, “WHERE’S THE FOOD!!!???!”

Got a map, sorted.

It took quite a while for SSM and I to decide on what to eat. We snacked on Nando’s chicken, fresh of the grill pan and dripping with juices and yummy marinade (Made me sing. Almost, thankfully for the public). We decided to start with the ‘entrees’ that appealed to us on the menu and would work our way through ‘mains’, then desserts. And so, the blissful damage begins…

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