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My ultimate weakness

10 Oct

Okay, people who know me would burst out laughing when I gush about this being my ultimate weakness when it comes to food. “You have too many weaknesses!”, they would say. Well……… Alright, I do have many. But as far as I know at this moment (till you present something else to me that slips my mind as topping this), this would be at the top of my list of weaknesses.

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Dong Po Rou 东坡肉 – Twice-cooked Pork Belly

13 Sep

Everytime I meet a deadline for my thesis, I would be told to go straight to bed. Get some rest. Repay my ‘perpetual sleep debt’ (as coined by my dear friend with the Seemingly-Small Mouth). However, the first thing I think about after each deadline, as exhausted I may be, would be food. To either pore through a magazine or raid my cookbooks, so I can cook, or bake, or BOTH. Cooking sometimes is a luxury for me now, simply because I enjoy it so much and could spend so much time on it, so much so that none of my uni work ever gets done. So usually by the time I click the ‘Send’ button on the new email window, I would already be browsing through foodblogs, looking for inspiration for the next meal.

Dong Po Rou (东坡肉)

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Cementing my status as a Korean ‘ahjumma’

14 May

I started cooking Korean dishes since 2008, desiring to recreate the food that I had fallen in love with. For some reason, there’s something about Korean cuisine that speaks to me, and comforts me. Obviously, I love kimchi, and after going through way too much kimchi in too short a time, plus wanting to make my own, I started making my own kimchi – which began my days known as a Korean ‘ahjumma‘ (아줌마).

An ‘ahjumma’ literally means, a ‘married woman’, but it basically means to all who know it, a Korean mother, an ‘auntie’! I have met several native Koreans and Australian Koreans in the past year or so, and while we have all become close friends now, they still find it amusing that a non-Korean speaks Korean and cooks Korean food. Sheesh.

I was talking about Korean food with some of my Korean friends and I had a major craving for spicy rice cakes with ramen – rabokki (라볶이), and Korean sushi – kimbab (김밥). I remember a cold winter’s night last year after a long day of uni, a friend and I were starving and craving for Korean food. She explained that when she was studying in high school in Korea, she would have ddeokbokki and kimbab pretty much everyday, because it was just simple, easy, cheap, and oh-so-yummy. I loved it too, and we polished off more than we should have at 11pm that night. Talking about it again brought back the memory of the satisfaction I felt after eating that night, and I just wanted to recreate that feeling and share it with my friends. Hence, my Korean night!

Rabokki - Ramen and Ddeokbokki (Spicy rice cakes)

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