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Thank you, Tetsuya

5 Aug

‘… Oh, and, book Tetsuya’s.”

I broke into a big smile, and proceeded. Just a couple or so weeks before the Family were due to arrive, and I secured a table for 6 at Tetsuya Wakuda’s 3-Hat restaurant.

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19 May

I am completely envious of my Neighbour (Yes, my friends all requested for ‘cool’ pseudonyms -.-). She has a nice full kitchen – Big frost-free fridge with separate freezer, a built-in proper oven, things which I don’t have in comparison to my gas stove and microwave oven. Plus, she has the space to hold big dinner parties, and all the equipment for it! And so she did – have a French-themed dinner party, that is.

Disclaimer: Please do not ask me what Frenchylala means. I have no clue. The Neighbour also has no clue.

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