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My ultimate weakness

10 Oct

Okay, people who know me would burst out laughing when I gush about this being my ultimate weakness when it comes to food. “You have too many weaknesses!”, they would say. Well……… Alright, I do have many. But as far as I know at this moment (till you present something else to me that slips my mind as topping this), this would be at the top of my list of weaknesses.

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Itchy hands

8 Dec

I’m feeling the need to cook. To bake. But I’m kinda stuck on what I should make, really. In the past semester, and more so in the past few weeks, I have been baking a lot. I bake at home too, but different stuff. I am more limited here because the desserts and snacks I make have to be transportable – so mainly cookies, brownies, muffins. AND. I don’t have my lovely fireengine-red Kambrook free-standing mixer here in Sydney! 😦 The mixer I have here is called The Ordinary Whisk (and my mom bought me a small one too), powered by The Right Arm.

Can someone please buy me the KitchenAid standing mixer? (Photo from KitchenAid.com)