i blog.

Coming from a foodie family, it is no surprise that I would eventually develop the same passion for food, late as it may be. My love affair with food only really begun a few years ago, when I left home to do all this uni business in Sydney. Malaysian Chinese by birth, Singaporean at heart (with pommie tendencies), I’ve also been told to have the makings of a Korean ahjumma (auntie) after revealing I make my own kimchi. Go figure.

I eat, cook, dream and talk about food, in between doing the usual uni student thing (and sleeping). Holidays are planned around food, the space on my bookshelf taken up by cookbooks and food magazines is looking to surpass the space taken up by uni texts, and there’s that occasional dream of attending culinary school.. travelling and eating for a living… And recently, with a desire to write about food, while taking full advantage of the DSLR I was given for the main purposes of food photography, I decided to follow my sister’s footsteps and step out into the foodblogging world.

This blog is to document my gastronomic journey, with a bit of travel and daily life thrown in. I might get technical, my opinions might be skewed, but the fact remains simple: I LOVE FOOD. nommy nom nom… :]

The best meals are shared with loved ones – good food+good company = good times! So if you’re somehow reading this, join me, just don’t mind me if I talk with my mouth full!!! ..nom nom nom..


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