19 May

I am completely envious of my Neighbour (Yes, my friends all requested for ‘cool’ pseudonyms -.-). She has a nice full kitchen – Big frost-free fridge with separate freezer, a built-in proper oven, things which I don’t have in comparison to my gas stove and microwave oven. Plus, she has the space to hold big dinner parties, and all the equipment for it! And so she did – have a French-themed dinner party, that is.

Disclaimer: Please do not ask me what Frenchylala means. I have no clue. The Neighbour also has no clue.

The party had an astounding turn-out of almost 30 people! And yes, this super-Neighbour prepared everything pretty much on her own! Starting from the previous night, she kept it fairly simple and didn’t cook too much – I have a bad habit I inherited from my mom of cooking for armies – and it all turned out well.

Yes yes, edamame is not exactly French, but the host likes them, most of the guests (not including me) like them, so why not? Olives were really yummy with the garlicky flavour but they were going so fast before majority of the guests arrived another batch of olives had to be thrown together to keep everyone olive-happy.

The cheese platter of goats’ cheese, gorgonzola, and brie came out with a smorgasboard of fresh figs, dried figs, and walnuts. I remember the Neighbour attempting to explain them all, but eventually everyone just ate everything and found their own preferences with cheese matching. I’ve never seen hard goats’ cheese, was quite a new one for me, and I actually preferred the strong taste of blue cheese rather than goat. And that brie was so nommy, I felt the need to fight with 2 big guys to make sure I had my fill!

But the baked camembert was really what grabbed everyone’s attention. Just as the guests started pouring in, it was popped into the oven to melt, out and onto a plate, and popped open to release the oozing creaminess of melted camembert. Slightly saltier than when unbaked, and the distinct touch of bitterness that sets it apart from brie, it went so beautifully with a fresh fig. Oh so nommy… Was gone in minutes! Sad face. Have to make my own some time..

With all the appetisers seriously depleting fast waiting for the mains, I helped serve up.

Onions sweated with butter to caramelise and simmered with stock, and chunks of gruyere cheese that cuts through the onion soup but yet lends a creamy cheesiness, I definitely wanted more than I could have. Alas, I was too late playing photographer!

Clockwise from bottom left: Beef bourguignon, mixed salad with honey dijon dressing, garlic mash

The Evil Twin managed to get in ahead of me and plated up a nice balanced meal of beef bourguignon, salad, and garlic mash. So I took a picture of his plate instead. I wonder if he had seconds hmm..

And of course, how can we forget dessert..!

Champagne jelly with raspberries. I actually never had champagne jelly before, and oh my, it was del-ish!! One of the girls thought it would be a good idea to pour in rose moscato, and it went really well with the fragrant raspberries. Of course, pouring moscato on top of champagne jelly, and topping it with a swig of rose moscato separately for that sweet round-off was… not exactly wise. For me. My face turns red way too early, and soon I was told to stop eating the jelly. But.. it was too yummy to stop! AND THERE WERE SO MANY LEFT!!!! Let’s just say everybody had their lovely little giggle at me.

All in all, another good night with friends and food.


3 Responses to “Frenchylala”

  1. chocolatesuze May 19, 2010 at 8:02 am #

    oh my gawd that sandwich tshirt is freaking awesome! and oh baby the gooey camembert is such a crowdpleaser i think i could eat the whole thing myself haha

  2. Simon @ the heart of food June 3, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

    The champagne dessert looks so nice, and the baked camembert… oh baby.

    You have an evil twin?

  3. sook @ nommynomnom June 3, 2010 at 10:36 pm #

    hahhaa yes, in the form of a male friend who is NOT part of my family, but has the same family name, who is like the male version of me, and tempts me with food. hence the evil twin. 😛

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