Tom N Toms, Singapore

9 Apr

14 Scotts Road, #01-07A Far East Plaza (1 more in ICON Village)
Sun–Thu: 8am – 10.30pm
Fri–Sat: 8.30am – 11pm

It was sometime late last year when I finally noticed this cafe, despite it’s ridiculous proximity to my place in Sydney. And it has since become my almost-daily haunt to meet friends and to serve as my study hole.

So imagine how thrilled I was when the Princess told me that there was a branch in Singapore! We quickly arranged to meet to check it out, and possibly relive our Sydney days of the semester just past. (Hm I sound like we left Sydney long ago and are not returning hahaha)

I could barely contain my excitement (no, seriously, it was hard trying to stop myself from jumping – it came out even weirder) when I arrived at the Far East Plaza branch! Going in and looking around, it looked almost exactly the same! The same wallpaper, chairs, tables, counters, the words on the mirrors with the same errors, even down to the employees’ uniforms! However, the menu, on closer inspection, was rather different in the sense that there were a lot more to order from. They added a Singaporean twist on it by offering the addition of ‘pearls'(tapioca starch balls you find in bubble tea) to drinks, which is pretty common in Singapore. They also had a wider selection of thick toast variations.

Maple Butter Thick Toast

The Princess and I decided to get the Maple Butter as a change from always having the signature Honey Butter. The sauce being maple syrup as opposed to the caramel-like sauce they use for Honey Butter is a lot more mild in taste, and is not as sweet. With the buttered toasted thick toast and a touch of whipped cream, it was comfort. However the Princess and I agreed that we preferred if the toast was served like how we had it in Sydney – sliced across in the middle transversely, and buttered on the inside as well, just to enhance the buttery flavour (who doesn’t like butter..!?). Plus, it would keep the bread from drying out, as the thick toast would by the time it is properly toasted. In fact, we felt so strongly about it, we wanted to suggest it to the shop. With no feedback forms, we wrote a message on their menu brochures.

Unfortunately a few weeks later when I went back with some friends and everything was the same, so I took the liberty to ask the staff to attempt slicing it across and buttering it as well when preparing my Honey Butter Thick Toast.. They were confused, but they eventually conceded after I assured them it was just to try it, and they were very acommodating (credit to the staff there at that time!). So, SUCCESS, and ta-da!!!

Honey Butter Thick Toast

It had a greater buttery goodness and with the caramel sauce and whipped cream, it was so sinful, but so good. Nomnomnom… I would offer it back to the staff for them to try how much better it tastes but before I knew it, my friends and I had polished it off. Oops.


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