High tea at Regent Hotel, Singapore

28 Mar

Before I returned home to Singapore for the summer holidays, my mom promised to take me to several places where they had enjoyed good eats, photos of which I have only seen from my sister’s uploads. It wasn’t till I was due to return to Sydney soon, that we finally took the time to have high tea on the weekend in between lunch and dinner service at the restaurant.

It was everyone’s first time to Regent Hotel’s high tea. To be honest I was more taken with the sweets, as you can see from the pictures I took. Tho I must mention that the chef’s slow-cooked salmon with a berry sauce and dill yogurt was quite something. In fact the texture of the fish reminded me of Tetsuya’s signature ocean trout…

The cappuccino was alright but the foam was almost too stiff. Their tea selection was rather interesting though, with my mom, sister, and cousin all choosing different teas of floral and fruit blends. I tried almost every dessert there was available.

Mini-tart selection – (Clockwise L-R) Apple crumble, Berry, Chocolate, Almond chocolate

Cake (+ macaron) selection – (Clockwise L-R) Lemon cheesecake, Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, Tiramisu, Coffee macaron, Pear and vanilla cake

Scones with clotted cream and jam

Warm sticky date pudding with toffee sauce

The tiramisu was memorable but more sponge would have been better amidst the yummy mascarpone; The scone was wonderful as the clotted cream was just right (other places would give some sort of soft whipped cream), and the warm sticky date pudding was a real treat, though I could tell while it was warm, it didnt really taste fresh. Nevertheless the sauce was rich but not overly sweet or gluggy. Pity that by then I was so stuffed that I couldn’t finish one on my own!

It was an overall nice experience, especially having spent most of my waking hours of the summer ‘holiday’ at the restaurant, but it didn’t blow my socks off as I hoped it would. The scone was memorable for the selection of jams (over 10 types, if I recall correctly) and the perfect clotted cream.. Mmmm… Maybe all I wanted was a fruit scone with dollops of clotted cream, home-made strawberry jam, and crisp Earl Grey tea… Mmm nom.

I miss the UK again. 😦


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