A birthday tradition

28 Mar

It will actually be quite a while before my next birthday, but while I asked my mom (nicely, of course :P) to please make me a bowl of mee sua (mian4 xian4 面线) with 2 boiled eggs, which has always been a birthday tradition in my family.

Like the Koreans who have seaweed soup (미육국 miyuk guk) on their birthdays, the Chinese tend to use noodles, as long noodles represent long life. Mee sua is used especially in the Fujian, and although my mom couldn’t really explain it well to me, having mee sua as birthday noodles became a tradition. I wasn’t very aware of the value of such a tradition, as far as I knew, different households in Singapore had different traditions, or followed none at all. It was only when I got a little bit older, and maybe, just maybe, a little more mature and wiser, that I began to see how special and precious it was.

When my family went on a holiday on my birthday, and I had a major presentation in junior college, I even went to buy one on my own and ask the auntie to add 2 boiled eggs. When I came to Sydney in 2007, I bought an instant soup mee sua, and when I finally got my own place, I made my own. I’m almost proud that I am keeping the tradition alive even on my own and even for friends who never had this tradition, but nothing beats the feeling of eating something your mom has made especially for you in the early morning of your birthday. Even if the birthday is less than eventful, it still warms the heart.

Having missed out on it for several years now, I was almost jealous of the people who were receiving complimentary birthday mee suas at the restaurant and my mom finally gave me a huge bowl, with a stock made from chicken bones she boiled for hourse, and 2 boiled eggs. Oh, and the pork meatballs are not your normal meatballs, they’re damn AWESOME for some reason. When I heard what went into it, all I could think was how lucky I was to have a mom who could cook so well and then pass on recipes on to me. HAHAHHA!

Birthday meesua £1 (out of several she owes me for the years I missed out, heh)

I should add that by the time I returned to Sydney I had 2 bowls, no,  3… 4…  I lost count. HA!! ^^


One Response to “A birthday tradition”

  1. shane May 19, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    nice! this tradition is active in my family too!!! 🙂

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