Happy 2010!

2 Jan

The new year has come. 2010. The year I have been dreading/looking forward to in the past 3 years. My last year of uni. The year I shall attempt to finish my Honours thesis (though why I decided to do it still baffles me at times). The year I start in a completely different place as I was at the start of 2009.

Looking back on 2009, it was a big year. I am sure it was for a lot of people too. It was a big year for Singapore, because everytime I am back here, even during the brief months I was away, I reel from how much has changed; how the view from the Esplanade, the Singapore skyline, is steadily changing in front of my eyes, how many things have come into existence and I have had yet the chance to even see it, and how so much has started, ended, or simply changed over this year.

2009 has been filled with the blessings of good food, good times. My family finally started the restaurant we have talked about for years, went on new eating adventures, met new people who shared my passion for food; making it, eating it. It was a blessing and a joy, to enjoy good food, with good company. 2009 was filled with these blessings, and may 2010 be the same, for everyone. So, as my tummy digests the yummy scone topped with sinful butter and jam I have just devoured, I bid 2009 farewell.

Happy New Year, everyone. Make beautiful memories, eat good food, be always thankful, and do your best. Happy 2010. :]


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