Strange mealtimes

17 Dec

The bad thing about being part of a family that runs a restaurant, is the mealtimes.

There is the option of eating early, but having so much to do, we don’t usually get a chance to. Eating during breaktime means having lunch around 3 or 4, dinner about 10-11. It seems that the time I have lunch back home here in Singapore, is about the time I have dinner back in Sydney.

This can’t be healthy.

On the other hand, being part of the foodie family means good yummy food. AND yay today there was no supper, but Mom’s Ee-Fu Noodles. So simple but oh so good. Everyone claimed they were full, having eaten dinner before dinner service, but when prompted and offered a second plate of noodles, they eventually got up and helped themselves to more.

And on a random note (something to do with what happened in the restaurant today), yes sir, coming twice in a single day, you really can’t get more enthusiastic than that.. KEEP IT UP!! 😛


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