Going to bed with a full belly

10 Dec

So what else is new? 😛

Miso with BFAM (Pictures later when it is NOT 4am in the morning) and ‘tricked’ into getting a Magnum (I’m sticking to my guns and staying with dark chocolate from now on, because I’m just that boring).

Dinner at HT’s was awesome as usual. A one-dish wonder with rice and side dishes. Today, with the kimchi I made myself, which was probably the best one I’ve done so far. I didn’t manage to take photos this time of the light and everyone was starving, but imagine this: Tender pork ribs boiled fast till it was rich in flavour but is not overpowering; just the right amount of sweetness to the slight heat of the sauce, so yummy that even the potatoes were soft from the sauce cooking through it, that I was picking on the simmered down spring onions and onions. ah HT’s Steamed Spicy Pork Rib (되지갈비찜).. I’m going to miss his amazing cooking and learning from him while I’m back in Singapore but ah well… I’ll be back soon enough.

It’s late and I’m still stuffed.


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