Hungry at 1.04a.m.

8 Dec

It’s 1.04am, I am still in Sydney, counting down the days till I go back home to Singapore, and I’m HUNGRY.

Thinking about it and all the good food my family have been tempting me with over the phone and promises to take me to the new places… I drool just thinking about seeing our family restaurant for the first time, all my mom’s cooking…  mmm…

Did I mention it was 1.08am? Not good.

I asked BFAM (Brother From Another Mother – named so because we have the same surname, and how we are with food), “Am I obsessed?”.


He isn’t one of many words.

Anyway, spending the whole night not doing what I was meant to be doing, this shall be inaugural first post for my attempt at foodblogging. We’ll see how this goes. Fingers crossed.


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