7 Dec

I haven’t completely found my blogging groove, but I am working on it.

I’m starting anew, actually. Reset. To explain it, would be rather tedious for the one writing and the one reading it.

Besides, my ageing brain can barely recall my days of deliberation and rationale back then.

So here it is: My fresh new start…?




8 Aug

… I haven’t blogged in a LOOOOONGG while. About food, at least. Despite what I’ve said before about catching up on my backlog on posts..

To say that I have simply been busy and had no time for it, would be rather inaccurate. It started out that way some time last year when I got bogged down with writing my thesis and being sporty and social, then going back to Singapore and taking a stint in a kitchen, meeting family and friends before coming back to Sydney, graduating, going on my grad trip.. I would say time is something I really have quite a bit of lately, something I actually wish I had less of, as it might mean I have actually been employed.. Yes, I am officially on the job hunt, have been for a little while now, and it’s been depressing trying to get something suitable. Would be good to have an income, yes..

So why I haven’t been spending all that time working on my foodblog? Well, I think it started with the simplest of things, such as actually taking nice photos of the food I was eating, and editing to a point where I was satisfied. I ate out a LOT last year, but there came a point where the lighting was far too dim, my camera posed limitations (No money for extra expense on camera equipment), and trying to salvage them using good photo-editing software still resulted in less-than-lovely pictures, if you know what I mean. Looking around the blogosphere, I felt tired, and too embarrassed to proceed after a little while. Plus, I’ve always been less patient than my sister with tucking in. 😛 Yeh, not shy about that, not at all..

But it felt sad as well, to give it up completely. It hit me a little while back, and I wondered, why did I let myself get stressed out about what people might think? Sure, to put it out there is certainly for people to read what you have to say, see what you have to show, but seriously, I was just stopping myself. I still feel a lot for food, cooking, eating, produce, all of that. I worried about living up to the high standard of blogs out there, those who have created niches for themselves, but… I don’t know. I just want to throw it all away for now, and just see what happens.

I won’t be apologising or making promises. Because it’s always too much pressure, and I tend to procastinate even more when I feel its presence. (Hm, rather revealing about how I have been as a student……) But I hope this means something more for the blog.

In the Year of the Rabbit

28 Feb

CNY Eve reunion dinner's Yu-Sheng (Click picture for more information). A jazzed up family special edition filled with extra yummy things.


Hello! So this is very late, but here’s wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year, I hope it has been a good one filled with plenty of glorious food and hopefully, for some, lots and lots of red packets!

I have been busy whilst in Singapore, working most of the day away, 6 days a week. Working in a kitchen has been something I have been planning on for a while now, despite having worked on my health science degree in the past 4 years. It appears to be an important year for me to spend some time gaining experiences and making important life decisions, and after all,  I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, my year..!????

… Okay, not entirely sure how it is relevant myself, but irregardless of what lies in the year ahead, we all still need to eat, right..? May the eating continue!

So here’s to a good Year of the Rabbit for everyone, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! 新年快乐!

The Quay surprise

7 Jan

Okay, before you think that Quay sprung some amazing surprise on me (I WISH), Quay was actually  the surprise. Some time ago, it was the Sister’s birthday (whose age I will not disclose as it goes with all women’s ages), and she had just arrived in Sydney to do a postgraduate course. I admit, it was with a slight ulterior motive that I chose Quay, but I assumed the desire would be mutual, and booked a lunch for two. The Sister had no idea. But she did venture the guess..

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Chikin Ramen

21 Dec


I can hear the outcry, as I post about instant noodles. As a believer and supporter of eating fresh produce, I am a foodie with my own dark secrets. I would like to think I’m not the only one. But yes, curse me all you want, purists, but yes! I LOVE INSTANT NOODLES.

I have my favourites, and for different occasions (Korean ones for my special ramen hotpot, my usual ‘Little Boy’ brand ones otherwise). But I was intrigued with this instant noodles that the Neighbour was utterly obsessed with, so much so that she brought back to Sydney almost half a suitcase worth from Singapore, and requested even more from a cousin who followed her 2 weeks later. What is the magic?

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11 Dec

I haven’t written in a while but for those who don’t know, for the past few months I have been hiding away trying to finish my thesis and been on a placement. So that is why I have not been blogging for some time, but now that it’s all done, I will resume my gargantuan backlog of posts.

The eating continues..

My ultimate weakness

10 Oct

Okay, people who know me would burst out laughing when I gush about this being my ultimate weakness when it comes to food. “You have too many weaknesses!”, they would say. Well……… Alright, I do have many. But as far as I know at this moment (till you present something else to me that slips my mind as topping this), this would be at the top of my list of weaknesses.

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